• [TMX] WoW Planet, The MARVEL Experience Launches in Busan







    WoW Planet, The MARVEL Experience Launches in Busan

    Coming early October, Busan will have the first chance in Asia to get experienced ‘The MARVEL Experience’



    [2017. 08. 17 – Busan] Starting with The MARVEL Experience, WoW Planet will introduce a new business model to the Asia market in contents business. The MARVEL Experience will be held in Busan, South Korea at early October, as the first gate to the Asia.

    WoW Planet’s holding company, Hans Holdings, contracted with Hero Ventures who developed and primarily initiated The MARVEL Experience and decided to launch The MARVEL Experience in Busan.

    The MARVEL Experience is a new type of attraction to market by introducing of the MARVEL contents with innovative technologies. As the MARVEL contents have a wide spectrum of consumers, this provides a chance to the customers to be a SHIELD agent supporting Iron-Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, and other characters.

    The MARVEL Experience is constructed with 360-degree dome design, and underneath it, the customers can seize the chance to work with the Marvel characters via VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) technologies. With these technologies, the customers will also have a chance to experience 4D motion ride.

    Beginning with the press event held in Busan on August 17, the customers can purchase pre-sale tickets (Exclusive to Melon Ticket) as a marketing strategy along with the privileges to obtain limited and gift items.

    Furthermore, The MARVEL Experience Busan will start PR and marketing event nation-wide in South Korea throughout specialized booths, which will have the finale with costume plays of the Marvel characters prior to the grand opening date in their facility.

    The MARVEL Experience Busan project involves the foremost and leading both domestic and international companies to cooperate with WoW Planet. The construction is being done by Dawon design who has fulfilled the construction duties of Yeosu Expo and Pyeongchang Winter Olympic, yet the architectural design is done by Baum Architects who was in charge of the new Sejong Government Complex with 32-year experienced skills. The interior of The MARVEL Experience is under Kingsmen’s control while having the headquarter in Singapore. KIngsmen was the core company of architectural design and construction for the Shanghai Disney China that were open last year. Especially, the Melon Ticket has an exclusive right of sales of tickets and supports the business throughout their network, Kakao channels, to get the most effective synergy.

    The MARVEL Experience will be open in early October. Since this will be located between Busan Port International Passenger Terminal and Busan KTX Station, the audiences will vary from domestic and international and be easy to find the attraction.


    According to the WoW Planet, The MARVEL Experience is the first project to provide pleasures to all customers visiting the attraction as they are expressing ‘WoW’, and to be the attractive to those customers who are willing to visit from domestic and international. On the top of all, WoW Planet speaks of their aspiration to be the symbol of a new contents business in the world beyond the Asia market, starting with The MARVEL Experience. 




    [Source: Peripheral View of The MARVEL Experience Busan]